If you want to keep the bugs out of your home and keep the cold air from coming in during winter, a Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets – Keeps Nature Out is exactly what you need. These mesh screen doors are retractable and come equipped with magnets that will gently close them for you when entering or exiting.

This magnetic screen door not only keeps nature out of your house but also opens up to provide ventilation while closed so that air can flow through without being forced back outside. You can even choose between clear or black mesh screens, which give off different light transmissions at night.

screen doors with magnets

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Mesh Screen

There are a number of reasons why you should buy and install a screen doors with magnets for your home. The benefits of having these mesh screens include:

  1. They keep the bugs out of your house so you can enjoy yourself without being plagued by mosquitoes, flies, and other pests. This keeps the birds and other animals that may have been attracted to living around your created area away from the inside of your home, making it more pest-free.
  1. They provide ventilation while closed so that air doesnít get trapped inside during winter or during rainstorms.
  2. They keep moisture out and ensure that the inside of your home is dry, making it a healthy living environment.
  1. They provide light transmission when closed so that you can use your home at night without blinding yourself from too much light entering through the windows.
  1. They are cheap and easily come in a range of colors and styles to suit any roomís decor.
  1. They are highly durable and easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their mesh construction design.
  1. They provide privacy while keeping the other people who live in your home from seeing through to the inside of your home.
  1. They are easy to install and can even be installed using a power drill.
  1. They work with almost any kind of window, whether double-hung or sliding windows, depending on which ones you have installed in your home.
  1. They can be used as a sunshade protecting your house and views from it when you donít need the mesh screen door, making it a compelling product and an effective sun blocker.