Cryptocurrency tracking portfolio applications and websites are very important tools for investors and professional traders, as these provide the essential data necessary for monitoring the currencies and tokens in real-time. These apps and websites allow anyone with an actual stake or potential interest in an exchange-listed digital asset, to monitor the portfolios and often the marketplace at large. They can have a check foran hourly, daily or monthly basis.


One such website which allows users to keep a tab on portfolios of the cryptocurrencies and their market is lottery. This website provides the data related to the cap rankings, charts, exchange data and much more altogether. Coinmarketcap tracks the capitalization of various cryptocurrencies, it lists their prices, available supply, trade volume in the last 24 hours. The service can be accessed either on the web or on devices like IOS and Android Mobile phones, windows pc and also on Mac OS.

Services Provided By Coinmarketcap

The services offered by coinmarketcap include:

  • Charts: It has charts related to the information of selected tokens or cryptocurrencies, which means it includes all the collected and updated data of different currencies in a chart form which is user-friendly.
  • Markets: It shows a list of cryptocurrency exchange markets where you can buy and sell tokens.
  • Tools: It has tools like widgets which are portable shortcuts to the site and which will keep on showing the data related to the cryptocurrencies on the home page of your device regularly.
  • Social: It has a selection of updated records that are synced from different social platforms. This is extremely useful information or data which helps in predicting prices of different cryptocurrencies for the investors.

Users who are involved in the cryptocurrency-related trades and exchanges can use coinmarketcap for better trades.