Tree plantation is a long term responsibility that would require significant effort in growing the trees. It will require proper maintenance, care, and patience. Planting trees will ring several benefits not only to ourselves but also to other people in the surroundings and the mother nature.

The healthy growth of the tree will depend on how much you are caring for the tree on the plantation. Maintenance of the tree will also determine whether the tree would be growing healthy or not in your area. Below are some guidelines on plant trees in the fall which would help the starters in their planting journey.

Planting Season

The ideal season for planting the trees is in fall. Especially when the leaves are dropping from the buds in the early spring. When there is a low temperature in the season and the weather is cold then it is the time for plants to grow their roots. When you are planting the trees in the spring then it would wash away from the seed in the rains.

It is always best to plant the native trees in the fall. Some trees are growing well when they are planted at the end of the season. Generally, the plant will grow well at the end of the season. The plants with the fibrous roots will grow better when they will be planted in the fall with deep taproots.

You will also be able to plant the trees throughout the seasons with burlapped and balled trees. You should have to take extra care of it. In tropical climates, some trees will not grow at all so keep in mind that. The trees which are native in the area will see different planting seasons. There are also government agencies that are handling wildlife and plants when you are not planting anything in your area.


Choosing the right location is very important for planting trees. But sometimes it is been overlooked. Not all the trees will be able to survive in the same climate. Also, make sure that you can pick the trees which will provide what you are looking for.