Sorting through irrelevant resumes and enduring pointless screens is a massive waste of your time. The biggest way we save you time is by only making quality referrals.

With Perfect Loop we have three simple steps optimized for saving you time.


We start every relationship with a quick consult. In this meeting we’ll learn about your hiring needs. If we can help we’ll go over all the details of our service. If we don’t think we can help we’ll be upfront and not waste your time. 






Deep Dive

Most of the time wasted in the hiring process is the result of bad inputs. In this step we work directly with you to define exactly what you're looking for. Just one hour spent in this phase can save more than 20 hours later in the process. Our deep dive process is proven to decrease the time to hire by more than 100%.


Feedback Loops

Our service continuously improves. To do this we make it easy for you to rate and give feedback on referrals. We then use your inputs to continuously improve our sourcing and screening. Every referral you give feedback on helps us improve. The result? Even more time saved. 

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