Water is a huge issue for many cities. The e storage of water is an even bigger issue. Especially the ones that we call as underground water. Even if there is a lot of difficulty, it is still a necessity to store our underground water. Not just the existing water underground, but also rainwater.

Rainwater has to be collected the right way to store them. There are different methods of collecting and storing this rainwater. Another important aspect of water collecting is waste water. Waste water is better known as septic water and is stored in septic tanks. When do we know that it is time for a septic tank repair bethany?

Age Of The Tank

As your septic tank keeps getting older, it keeps getting weaker. The tank is so weak that it is unable to perform it’s basic function of treating the septic water before release. This is a first and foremost sign of repair.

Septic Tank Repair Bethany

Especially if your tank is 10 years or older, it would require frequent maintenance. If not maintenance, it would need constant repairs. Depending on the cost of repair, you can make the right decision. The decision will between getting it repaired and getting a new one.

A Good Number Of Standing Puddles

The water from septic tank is mostly released into other water bodies. But if there is an issue with the functioning of these tanks, then it releases the water in between itself. This causes puddles to form on roads.

If you see puddles standing too long, despite of no rain, then you can confirm that there is an issue with your septic tank. It is not impossible to check the block and repair it yourself. But it is always better to call a professional service company instead. We don’t want the existing problem to be more complicated because we don’t know what we are doing.

Bad Odour From Your Lawn

Most of these septic tanks are located under the garden or lawn. When there is an issue with the tank, it tends to release the water into your lawn. If it does release into the lawn, then the quality of the lawn will decrease. You can see the grass dying.

Because of the water being released, and the water being contaminated, there is also an odour. Your lawn will have a characteristic bad odour. When you see these signs in your lawn, then it is time for septic tank repair Bethany.