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Look, finding a new job can be brutally discouraging. And when you’re deep in the middle of a job search sometimes it’s hard to remember to take care of yourself. This problem is compounded when you are struggling to make ends meet. We know that, and we want to say something to anyone who feels that way:

You’re not alone and we’re here to help

Calming Your Mind

Job hunting, whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily employed is deeply stressful for many people. If that’s how you feel, you might not be the best version of yourself as you network, apply, and interview for your next job. So what can you do? 

Have you tried meditating?

Sleep Troubles

If you’re actively looking for work, chances are you’re sometimes up at night when you don’t want to be. It’s ok - we’ve all been there. But what can you do? One of the best pieces of advice for insomnia is to be deliberate in your approach to sleep. Here are some tips from the National Insomnia Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to understand sleep

Mental Health

The National Institute for Health estimates that more than 40 million adult Americans suffer from a mental illness at any one time. We at Perfect Loop believe that there are countless wonderfully talented job seekers out there who struggle with anxiety or depression among other ailments. If you think you need help, here is a place to start: Mental Health America

Do You Pump Iron?

Joking aside, your body needs to move. We know that between job search stress and life obligations it’s sometimes difficult to take care of your body. Look, we’re not  fitness gurus. We’re not saying you need to lift heavy, do CrossFit, or go crazy at a cycling class. But as you search for jobs, it might help you to move a bit more. Here is an NIH guide to help incorporate moderate physical activity into your day. 

Eating for Success

What you eat matters. Job search stress in addition to everyday stress can often lead to bad diet choices. We’ve all been there. Again, it’s ok, you’re human. However, eating more healthfully can absolutely help you feel better today. Take a look at these 8 helpful tips for better eating habits put together by the National Health Service of the UK.  

Be Kind to Yourself

Job searching can be a lonely, discouraging endeavor. Especially when things don't seem to be going right. In this post, our CEO responds to a reader about staying positive during the job search and being kind to yourself. Read the post here. Or submit your own anonymous question here


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