It’s convenient to have a calendar readily available given all the appointments, due dates, birthdays, kid’s activities, holidays, and social events you probably need to remember. Although digital schedulers and planners work just as well, there is something inherently fulfilling about using a paper copy. Wall calendars can also improve the aesthetics of your kitchen or workspace, in addition to all that.

Buying a Wall Calendar: What to Look for

The topic

You won’t spend much on a wall calendar, but you’ll look at it all year. Make sure the calendar you choose has a theme you enjoy looking at or find appealing in some other manner. This calendar can be devoted to a favorite pastime or location, images of the natural world, or an individual artist. This calendar with motivational pictures, sayings, or a personally meaningful theme may also help you set the tone for the coming year.


A fascinating accessory, Wall calendars let you be aware of the passing of time. But they should also have visually appealing fonts and images that are simple to read and understand. Select a calendar with legible numerals that you won’t have to strain your eyes to read and one with an easy-to-scan layout.


There are many different styles of wall calendars, from those that get simple and only show the days of the week and months of the year to others that include blank squares for each day of the month so you may record appointments or keep track of chores. If you use your phone as your calendar, you can opt for a little decorative calendar that is more of an aesthetic than a functional one. If you would rather have tactile visible reminders on the wall to keep you and your family on target and remind them of important dates, a Larger format calendar with plenty of room for customization is the best option.

What is an average wall calendar size?

Different sizes and styles are available for wall calendars. However, 8 x 11 and 12 x 12-inch square or rectangular wall calendars are typically available. Always pick the one that suits you and your surroundings the best.

How is a calendar hung on the wall?

A hanging mechanism gets frequently used with these calendars made of thin paper. Depending on the size of your calendar, you might be able to use a removable adhesive hook, a small nail, or a thumbtack to attach it to the wall. Wall nails or picture hooks may get needed for larger, heavier calendars.