Although the once popular movie application, Moviepass, is closing its doors for the foreseeable future, it is essential to note that this application is an important piece that changed the way we view cinema-watching forever. There is no denying that movies will always be in our hearts. After all, there is no point in claiming a film is not worth it when you compare the amount of money that these forms of media usually ascertain.

People would always go to great lengths to watch something that would pique their interest. For these film studios to consider their projects outstanding, they would need to pull out all the stops when it comes to the advertising department. You cannot expect people to take your assignments seriously if it does not contain some form of crucial attraction such as a particular celebrity or high-stakes CGI to bring people in.

The problem with building up hype for something is that there will always be people that will take that moment and turn it into profit. In movies, the cinemas can then jack up the price to the point that it becomes such a massive investment to watch. You cannot go out and have a fun time with friends and families to see your favorite film without spending hundreds of dollars on tickets and popcorn.

This whole outrageous ordeal vanished when the application Moviepass came along. You no longer have to line up for hours to see a film that you would like. There is also no chance for you to experience a scenario where you would have to pay egregious pricing while longing to watch a film. The only thing that you would need to do is to set up an account and pay the subscription fee to schedule and watch.

Save a Fortune

As previously mentioned, cinemas are out there to take your money and wring you dry with how everything they have on sale is overpriced. You can change that horrible movie-watching experience with this particular application. There will be choices for you to see the movie you want, either based on time or on a genre you can choose.

You can then reserve that spot and line up before the movie begins. There are no strings attached to this feature other than the time schedules are limited. However, the amount of money you save up is massive by merely choosing a slightly off-time compared to paying full price. There are also some other freebies that you can partake in when using their service app.