Verklempt - Choked Up At Work

Some days you come to work at Perfect Loop and you get choked up - AKA Verklempt  - My colleague Ian received this note from a candidate he helped get a job: 

"After unsuccessfully looking for work for over a month, I received an email from Perfect Loop suggesting a job possibility. This led to the best job I’ve ever had and at age 64, that is saying something. They helped me through the process of refining my resume and preparing for interviews. I would not be working at such a fulfilling company if it wasn’t for their initial contact.” 

Levity aside, I had a visceral emotional response reading this e-mail. Why? 

We helped someone, someone not usually at the center of attention for most startups. I felt proud and fulfilled to be a part of this company. 

In my two different careers spanning 10 years, being a part of helping this person is one the most rewarding professional experiences I’ve ever had. Sure, I’ve enjoyed many projects. I’ve seen Duran Duran play live at an office party. I’ve made colleagues laugh and I’ve made customers smile. (No doubt I messed up here and there as well) But, helping a 64-year-old find a new footing in life is something special.

I see a lot of talent agencies bill themselves along the lines of “connecting top talent,” and there is nothing wrong with that. Perfect Loop absolutely fills high-level professional roles with hard-charging top talent. 


But we have an ethos here: A Job for Everyone. 

It’s a thrilling honor to show up at the office and be a part of a company that, for example, helps people with GEDs get their first job with benefits and paid time off. People of all types deserve meaningful work that sustains their lives. It gives them agency and purpose. 

That's what we do here at Perfect Loop.  

Nathan Chaffetz
Director of Business Development