Wedding Ceremony of Christians

It is believed that ‘Weddings are made in Heaven’. Whether you agree with it or not it is a popular phrase that is associated with all the individuals residing in the Universe as our ancestors strongly believe in it. Be it any religion, caste or country they follow their own customs and rituals to live happily for the rest of their life. What do you know about Christian Wedding Ceremony? For your information, it is individually tailored that includes lots of love, dignity, community, celebration, respect, reflections of joy, and lots of expressions related to the God they worship. There is no mention of a specific pattern in the Bible defining it exactly, hence the couple can carry on in their own creative way to celebrate their big day.

Know About Wedding Ceremony

Few Things Which You Need To Know How It Is Celebrated By Christians:

  1. If the couple is a Non-Christian then at their wedding the bride is the centre of attraction. However, if the couple belongs to the Christian community then Christ is the main focus of the following wedding ceremony.
  2. Not only Hindus but Christians also worship their God and need to follow a few rituals with early preparations. In the process, the couple truly intends to glorify Christ through their wedding and is started with biblical premarital counseling at the beginning that is followed by their pastor.
  3. When the wedding bells are ringing the Groom enters first into the church and later the Father escorts along with the Bride who is wearing a white dress and carries a bridal veil which has twofold significance. First is purity from the heart in life and second is reverence to God. The Father with his wife gives away her daughter in the hands of the Groom pondering their blessings to unite them forever and transfers her care and responsibility to the husband.
  4. While getting married in church few family members and friends are invited as guests to make their presence and offer blessings to the newlywed couple before they get started their marital relationship.
  5. The wedding ceremony starts with joining their right hands which are meant as blood covenant and later exchanges their wedding rings. They take publicly oath to live beside one another and respect each other feelings for the rest of their life in all situations and become a spouse.
  6. There are few who love to cut the cake and feed it to the guests. But it requires both the couple to take active participation in a joyful mood as it should be done lovingly and reverently, in order to honor their covenant relationship. It thus shows the picture of the union of Christ and the Church and the couple now has full access to one another.
  7. In a few parts of the country, there is a custom followed which includes Throwing of Rice which is part of the wedding ceremony and one of the primary purposes of marriage. The rice-throwing tradition at weddings is nothing but a gesture of blessings for the spiritual and physical being of the marriage.


I hope you got an idea about how the Christians celebrate their wedding ceremony! No marriage is successful without the blessings of parents. Marriage combines two families and the couple who seek true blessings of Christ to live happily for the rest of their life as the ceremony takes place in the holy Church.