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Every company and job is unique. Perfect Loop goes beyond resumes to find you the right candidate, defined by you, delivered by us.

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Our Candidate Matching Process


We have an ecosystem of resources for job seekers, everything from resume advice to interviewing prep to job opportunities.


We engage with active and passive job candidates to learn about their skills, experience, interests, and goals


This lets us match the right candidates to your opportunity at the right time. 

What our clients say...
"Hiring went from a 50/50 gamble to basically a certainty with Perfect Loop."
Client (CEO)
"Perfect Loop has a unique approach to recruiting that has a personal touch that is very different from the typical resume farming organization."
" of the best recruiters I’ve worked with and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure."
Client (Sr. Manager)
"I'm very happy with your service."
Client (HR Manager)

Talent Acquisition by Perfect Loop

You define your ideal candidates, we go and find them. It's that simple. 

Here's how we do it:

1. Personalized sourcing

Whether you’re trying to build your employer brand, augment your talent pipeline, or urgently fill a role, we custom-tailor our sourcing strategy to meet you needs. 

2. Behavioral screening

Perfect Loop conducts behavioral screens to verify and contextualize candidates' experience. We provide a summary of our screen when we refer a candidate.

3. Job analysis

Using scientific methods, Perfect Loop works directly with your hiring managers to conduct job analyses that becomes the blueprint for our sourcing and screening strategy. We seek alignment early and use continuous improvement to stay aligned through the recruitment lifecycle. 

4. Candidate cliff notes

All Perfect Loop referrals include a summary of our behavioral phone screen with recommendations on engaging with the candidate.

Learn more about our services here or read about how we helped a client grow their team.

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