Mattress comes in different varieties and sizes and based on the usage they are classified into different types and companies across the globe are trying to come up with creative mattress with different shapes and sizes in order to attract the attention of the customers.

Types of Mattress: Based on the material used and taking other factors into consideration mattress are classified into different types.

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are generally denser than other foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are heavier and supportive. They are sold for higher prices compared to other mattress. Memory foam uses visco elastic foam. Memory foam mattresses are used in innerspring mattress in the upholstery layer. Differing comfy levels and feels are derived by varying weight, thickness and base foam.  most comfortable mattress are temperature affected and thus reduces the pressure on painful joints. This kind of mattress feels firmer in a cooled-in bedroom.

Air Mattress:  No springs are used in this type of mattress. One or more air chambers offer optimum support. Quality and price varies as per the needs of the customers. Low price camping mattress to expensive luxury beds is available in air mattress and Zoma offer the two types of mattress. Special control mechanism are available for adjustable firmness mattress which are widely used for medical purposes

most comfortable mattress

Water beds:  Water is used in the interior of the mattress instead of air or metal coils. In order to meet the needs of the customers’ water mattress are filled with different layers of fibers to achieve the level of firmness.  Water beds are used for providing support for body parts and spinal cord.

Latex foam mattress:  Latex foam is used in the mattress instead of memory foam.  Latex mattresses are made with natural materials. Latex mattress provides different levels of firmness and are suitable for stomach, side and back sleepers.

Pillow tops:  Pillow tops are essentially an extra layer of support that can be added to the top of the mattress.  Side sleepers mostly prefer pillow top mattresses.  Pillow tops are soft and cushiony and allow the sleeper to keep the hip and shoulders to sink into the pillow top and they are generally used with a coil mattress or an innerspring.

Gel: Gel is added in the foam mattress in the support layer it gives entirely a different feel when compared to memory foam.  It purely depends on the customers to test and decide which feel is liked by them.