Growing your Team with Perfect Loop

How we helped a client triple their team in one year.

Does this sound familiar?

Business is growing. You should be happy but instead you feel stress. 

Do you feel to busy to hire?
The Perpetual Juggling Act

Clients, customers, investors, partners, and employees all need a slice of your time. Every item you cross off your to-do list is replaced by two new urgent ones. Each day is a sprint to manage your existing business. Meanwhile you know you’re missing out on opportunities to grow. 

You know you need to hire -- you’ve opened the jobs and posted job descriptions -- but with a million other things to manage, hiring somehow falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Before you know it, weeks pass, and you still don’t have the talent you need.

If that scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

That was our client, the CEO of a 10-person eCommerce company with big ambitions. He knew he could grow his business if he hired the right talent. But just keeping up with existing clients had him more than occupied.

He tried using third-party recruiters to fill his open roles but didn’t have much luck. 

“We didn’t see much difference -- hiring was still a gamble. I was pretty skeptical of recruiters,” says the CEO.

When we initially reached out, his healthy skepticism was apparent. And we understood. In many ways the recruiting industry is broken.

In fact, that’s how Perfect Loop started. We were category managers and bar raisers at Amazon, interviewing and hiring hundreds of people a year. The problems our client experienced were the same ones we experienced at Amazon and why we started Perfect Loop

Despite his skepticism, the CEO decided to give us a shot at his business.

He planned to hire multiple roles throughout the year. If we could help him fill his most urgent, he’d consider us for the others.

We struck a quick deal and got to work.

You can read about how we got our results below but the short story is that one role turned into a full engagement. And over the course of a year we helped our client hire 19 talented people with a 100% fill rate.

Through our partnership, we not only helped our client find the right talent for his business, we helped him follow in the footsteps of Amazon and make hiring a core competency.

As he puts it, “Hiring new people went from a 50/50 gamble to basically a certainty using Perfect Loop.”
Hiring Lifecycle

From job analysis and talent advisement to sourcing and screening, Perfect Loop will help you through the hiring lifecycle.

Risk and Reward

Hiring is a risk.

Get it right and you're adding rocket fuel to your company; Get it wrong and you'll pay dearly.

The average hiring mistake can cost upwards of $100,000. For a small company, a bad hire can be catastrophic.

Our Client was well-aware of these risks. He had hired the wrong person before and paid the price. 

The question was, "How do you make hiring less of a gamble?"

This is where we come in. At Perfect Loop we believe hiring is one of the most important things a company does. 

We learned this at Amazon. Jeff Bezos famously said he'd "rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person." As Amazon Bar Raisers and hiring managers, we were tasked with helping maintain Jeff's notoriously high hiring bar while also hitting aggressive hiring goals (chart). 

Amazon employee numbers 2007 - 2017
Amazon has made hiring a core competency.

Whether you're scaling a company like Amazon or hiring your first employees -- especially if you're hiring your first employees -- Perfect Loop helps you apply the principles and practices that will lead to hiring success. 

In short, we help you manage the risk of hiring by developing hiring as a core competency. Just ask our client...

How We Got Results

At Perfect Loop our approach to talent acquisition is simple but effective.

We use domain expertise, behavioral interviewing, and proprietary tools to make win-win matches between companies and job candidates. 

  • Domain expertise: With more than 15+ years of combined experience working at Amazon our team was able to help our client define, identify, and assess the skilsets most important to his business. The world is changing fast and we believe that successful recruiting requires domain expertise.
  • Behavioral interviewing: We don't refer resumes, we refer people. We interview every candidate we refer using the same behavioral interviewing techniques Amazon uses to maintain a high hiring bar. 
  • Feedback loops: We believe in continuous improvement. An engagement with Perfect Loop is an ongoing conversation. The more we learn, the more we can help. 

Our client hired us initially to fill just one role -- a Sr. eCommerce Account Mgr.. After we successfully filled that role, he gave us another. Then another. And another.

"Once hiring became easy with Perfect Loop, it opened up new possibilities for us."

In 2017, we helped our client hire 19 people in a variety of eCommerce and administrative roles.

What our client learned is that when you hire the right people for your business you can unlock your company's potential. And when you make hiring a core competency you can hire quickly without compromising on quality.

If you're interested in an engagement with Perfect Loop, you can learn more about our recruiting services or contact us here

You can also schedule a quick call with a Talent Advisor to explore whether Perfect Loop is the right recruiting partner for your business.

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