Dress to Impress on the Job Hunt? Yes.

No matter what type of job you're trying to land, it never hurts to put your best foot forward by dressing nicely. It's hard to think of the scenario where dressing lazily works in your favor (unless maybe you're pitching Mark Zuckerberg). 

By "nice" we're not talking extravagant or flashy. You want to dress nicely by the standards of where you're interviewing. The key is to show you put thought into what you're wearing while still showing them that you're someone who could fit in at their company. 

So if it's a casual work environment where people where jeans and t-shirts, you don't need to show up in a suit. But it would be advisable to wear your nicest pair of jeans and unwrinkled t-shirt. The important part is putting some thought and effort into getting dressed before an interview. 

Mens Outfit

For some of you this is common sense and all you need to take away from this blog post is that yes, you should dress to impress.

But for some of us (ahem... me) it's helpful to have some fashion advice. While cruising around the internet I thought Michelle Singletary at the Washington Post had some good advice on how to dress while on the job hunt.

I also found Pinterest to have a wealth of visuals for actually putting this advice to use. 

As always, a lot more could be written on the subject so if you have a specific question you'd like answered you can ask it here

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