What questions will an Amazon Bar Raiser ask me?

I’ve finished 3 phone interviews (HR, Hiring Lead, and his Manager) now scheduled for a call tomorrow with a Manager outside the immediate group. What unique questions does the Bar Raiser ask, differently from the hiring group? - Anonymous

Bar Raisers, like all interviewers, are assessing for specific competencies. These rotate based on role function, job level, business stage, etc. The uniqueness is more in how you're evaluated. Hiring teams tend to compare you against their immediate team and need; Bar Raisers compare you against all of Amazon.

In terms of preparation, I wouldn't do anything different for a bar raiser interview. I would however be aware that by nature of being outside the group a Bar Raiser may not have domain knowledge relevant to the role or your past experience. Not always true but worth paying attention to if you're getting lost in the weeds while answering a question.

For what it's worth, Bar Raisers didn't typically do phone screens early in the process. Maybe that's changed since I was one but usually we only worked with other teams for the onsite interview loop. 

- Gregory Rutty

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