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Dog Smile

Category: Health and Wellness


My whole life people have told me to, "Smile!"


Category: Professional Development

Make Problem Solving Your Superpower

If you could have one career superpower, what would it be?


Category: Health and Wellness

Staying Positive During Your Job Search

It's rough out there. Remember to be kind to yourself.


Category: Interviewing

What Questions Will an Amazon Bar Raiser Ask Me?

Our CEO responds to a user who asks how to prepare for an Amazon Bar Raiser interview.


Category: Professional Development

Tailoring Experience for Product Management @ Amazon

A user asks our CEO how to get a PM job a Amazon.

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Why This Blog Exists

The Career Coach blog exists to give the advice we wish we had...


Category: Interviewing

How NOT to Talk About Your Last Job

Beware the pitfalls of talking about negative professional experiences...

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