Candidate FAQ

Our goal at Perfect Loop is to be as helpful as possible in your job search. These are answers to the most common questions we get from candidates. If you don't see an answer to your question, ask it here

  • What exactly is Perfect Loop?

    Perfect Loop is a recruiting service that helps companies and job seekers find each other. 

  • How does Perfect Loop make matches?

    Perfect Loop works directly with companies to define their open roles. We then identify potential matches based on the information we have. When we think you might be a fit for a role we'll reach out to schedule some time to discuss your career objectives and the opportunity. If you're a fit for any of the roles we have on our platform and you're interested in applying, we connect you directly to the recruiter to continue exploring the opportunity.

  • When will I receive matches?

    It depends. We're adding new jobs to the platform everyday. We're starting to see concentrations of software development and sales roles so if you're in one of these fields matches will occur sooner rather than later. If you're not in these fields, when we get your info we start looking for jobs in your field. This takes longer.

    Our goal is to only show you relevant job opportunities. The truth of it is that a lot of time is wasted on all sides of the hiring process as the result of spam. We don't want to waste your time with spam which means we err on the side of sending fewer but higher quality matches. If your job search is more urgent or you'd like to provide feedback, please drop us a line:

  • Can I provide more information to get better matches?

    Yes. As part of our beta pilot we will email you with opportunities to take additional surveys that dive deeper into your experience and what you’re looking for in your next role. 

  • What information does Perfect Loop share?

    As a default, we don’t share any of your information. When we identify a match for you we will send you the job description and the reasons we think you’re a match. If you decide to explore the opportunity further and get connected to the recruiter we’ll ask you which information we can share with the recruiter. It’s up to you! Generally users choose to share their name, email, Linkedin profile or resume, and the match reasons. 

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  • How does Perfect Loop make money?

    Perfect Loop makes money when a company decides to hire a match we make. Interested in our Talent Acquisition services? See here

  • I dig what Perfect Loop is doing. How can I get involved?

    Drop us a line at with what you dig and how you’d make it radically better. We’re currently hiring a number of positions in the areas of data science, software development (machine learning, scalable systems, web applications, and frontend), editorial, UX research,  account management, and talent advisory. Our vision is to end unemployment and our first step is tackling the problem of information asymmetry in the labor market. If you're a thinker, inventor, creator, or doer with ridiculously high standards and big ambitions, we want to hear from you. 

  • I have other questions!

    Well, we'd love to hear from you. Submit a question here or email us at

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