As we all know, apple is one of the highly preferred crop in the fall season. On the other side, it is also to be noted that once if a person has decided to plant apple, they must make sure to initiate better effort for it. Especially harvesting them in the right way is more important rather than growing them. All the processes like pruning and better caring should be done properly before the time of harvesting. Apart from these, one must make sure to harvest the apples at right time. The time perfection is more important for this harvest.

No green

The apples should be plucked only when they are completely out of green. That is their skin color should not be green at the time of harvesting. One must also remember that not all the types of apple mature at the same time. It may get varied depending upon the plant. Hence the harvesting time may get varied from one plant to another.

the fall apple harvest


There are many people who might grow apple for selling them in the market. In such case if they find any apple to be overripe or in case if they are very soft, they can use it for immediate cooking needs. This can help them to avoid throwing the apples.


The early season apples are not be stored as they should be eaten immediately after picking. Hence only the mid and later season apples should be stored. To store apples after harvest, one must wrap them individually with paper or tissue.