Kavanaugh and Spar seem to have made up. Kavanaugh’s representative sent a statement on Friday earlier in the evening saying they “have pleasantly resolved all their problems.” The statement additionally blamed Variety and the Hollywood Reporter for having “strive to spread Kavanaugh and Spar”, citing their claims against each other, which they currently claim to have filed in court by coincidence.

A Different Note

“Unfortunately, what was, as a general rule, a matter of business was much discussed in the press today. The way private reporting opened up to the world was a mistake. . ” On a different note, Kavanaugh sought to claim a portion of the allegations in his complaint—which his representative sent to Variety on Friday morning. The objection, which is posted below, battles that Spar vilified Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, and tried to convince Kavanaugh to reject him from the stock market venture, saying that Lutnick would just try to screw them up.

Kavanaugh’s Point

“I have to add that the detailed statements of ESX’s claim to identify itself with Cantor Fitzgerald and Howard Lutnick are not accurate,” said Kavanaugh in Ryan Kavanaugh News. “As far as everyone knows, Elon was never serious about them and didn’t try to take business from them. The terms just couldn’t be agreed upon.”

Being Honest And Clear

The fight also has some regrets, saying that Kavanaugh isn’t planning a Ponzi conspiracy, as he stated in his file, which is also posted below. “Ryan himself has subsidized ESX activity,” Spar said. “As far as anyone dependent on the data I’ve been given, Ryan has placed and is heavily engaged in this business and any reference to ESX or any connected business as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ is not accurate. He is a visionary scholar and I hope everything works out for him from karma in his future endeavors. He and I have no debates remaining.” Kavanaugh also blamed the press for not verifying the reality of claims he and his former colleague have equated with each other in the past 24 hours when he says that they have nothing of the most remarkable respect for each other yet.

The Final Words

“We were looking at how we were going in different directions as our commercial advantages separated, and, shockingly, the press did it that way. We just need the best for each other,” said Kavanaugh. “Elon is an amazing investor, we just have different business interests. As always, the press has turned a mountain of a small hill. I wish him and his family only the best and I know he will be fruitful. as an industry today: they get the wrong things, barely check reality, and create features that meet their goals.”