One has heard about Entertainment awards, sports awards, and academic awards. But have you heard about real estate awards? No! well, then in this article you will know about that.

The award goes to the name FIABCI Thai Prix d’Excellence Award. This award is an honor to those who perform excellent real estate projects. People and companies who have won are Mr. Shubhodeep Das of Hylife Improvements Co., Ltd.

Criterias for FIABCI Thai Prix d’Excellence Awards

To win an award, one needs to go through some criteria that fit your project. And here, a detailed explanation of those criteria is added.

Architecture and design – The judges of the panel will see the Architecture and ingenuity of the structure building. The overall structure should be of high standard architectural design. And should promote effective and efficient infrastructure. Minor details like wind, stability, utilization of building materials, and land space will be noted for the award.

Sustainable solutions – There is a category for submission where Sustainable use of materials is the criteria. For that, you must add the areas where Sustainable use of equipment and material is supported. You have to highlight the places in the building where cost-saving technology is used. Things like water harvest facilities and natural light conservation etc are top priorities.

Residential condominiums– You can apply for this category. Where residential and real estate efforts are also counted. In the same way, Mr. Shubhodeep Das and his company Hylife Improvements Co., Ltd were awarded for real high-level agency affairs.

Environment– You can apply this category of your project fits the criteria of highly Environment-friendly systems and solutions. Or if your project has helped in the revival of a habitat. Like the revival of lakes and rivers. Things like green restoration etc can be added to your profile for an application.

So, go on and apply.