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"After unsuccessfully looking for work, I received an email from Perfect Loop suggesting a job possibility. This led to the best job I’ve ever had and at age 64, that is saying something. They are professional and kind... I highly recommend their services."
Jane, Salt Lake City
"Considering how great the position fits for my interests, experiences and skill sets, I think you’re really on to something."
John, Seattle
"Thank you for your help getting me this job offer! I start orientation on Monday and I'm very excited to get into this company that I've been inquiring for almost 4 years!"
Chris, Salt Lake City
"...really great, responsive, and worked very quickly. I recommended Perfect Loop to a friend after this experience."
"I appreciate your help in this process, don't be surprised if you see a couple other resumes come your way. I have spoke highly of my experience."
Collin, Seattle
"Thank you so much for your help in this process. I have been very impressed with your thoughtfulness and care in helping to tailor the job search experience to my needs."
Lars, Seattle
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