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At Perfect Loop we aren't recruiters. We're operators and domain experts and we're here to help.

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Greg R.

Domains: Editorial, Marketing, Product Management, Executive

Past: Product @ Amazon, Category Management @ Amazon, Marketing @ Amazon, Editorial @ Scholastic



Domains: Software Development, Product Management, UX

Past: MSc in Machine Learning, Software Development @ Amazon, Machine Learning @ Amazon


Joe S.

Domains: Business Management, Sales, Tax and Accounting, eCommerce, Retail

Past: Category Management @ Amazon, Tax @ Moss Adams, MBA

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Alison K.

Domains: Operations, Logistics, Product Development, Delivery, Food & Wine

Past: Director of Operations @ Startup, Director of Product @ Startup, Operations Director


Sean R. 

Domains: Software Development, UI/UX, VR

Past: Software Development @ Microsoft, Software Development @ Amazon

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Nate C.

Domains: Product Management, Startups, Editorial, Film & Video, Marketing

Past: GM @ Startup, Writer @ TV, CEO @ Startup

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Ian P.

Domains: Project Management, Sales, Health & Safety, Manufacturing

Past: Health & Safety Consultant, Project Management @ Sears, MBA


Interested in joining our team? Drop our CEO a note at greg@perfectloop.org